Very Light Rail: Character in a functional space.

All cases

A mix of:

  • Future concepts
  • Architectural design
  • Social design
  • Transport systems

The Very Light Rail project is a potential game-changer: a new type of tram that’s much easier to integrate into city centres. Having worked on concepts for the design of the tram, we were invited to develop ideas for an interchange shelter.

Part of people’s lives

Public structures like this fascinate us because they’re multifunctional. They play an important role in people’s everyday lives and are part of the fabric of the city itself. We wanted to bring elegance and flexibility but also character to the design. We began by digging deep into the available research around transport hub design principles and then employed user-centred thinking to develop our ideas.

Prototyping in VR

A modular approach suited the functional demands. But we knew this couldn’t be generic or bland. We took inspiration from the city around us – even the roof structure of the cathedral – to create memorable details. We wanted people to enjoy the design. Numerous options were created in VR, meaning we could quickly evaluate designs with the client in the virtual space and develop our thinking together.